Women's College Volleyball Recruiting: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PARENTS by Kim Wheeler

Women's College Volleyball Recruiting: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PARENTS

Book Title: Women's College Volleyball Recruiting: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PARENTS

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1523618574

Author: Kim Wheeler

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Kim Wheeler with Women's College Volleyball Recruiting: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PARENTS

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This how-to guide will help you understand the process of researching colleges—and reaching out to college coaches the right way, to get them into those metal folding chairs at your next tournament!

This book also explains how to follow up to keep those coaches’ interest in you as a recruit, along with how to achieve many other beneficial steps:

• Get a coach to come watch you play at a tournament, not just see you by coincidence.

• Learn what you can and cannot say at a tournament—and more importantly when you can say it.

• Recruiting calendar for all NCAA, NAIA, and junior-college coaches.

• Sample e-mails to coaches that are short and attention grabbing.

• Guidelines for NCAA and NAIA core GPA.

• List of useful websites (including academic, free recruiting, showcases, camps, etc.)

• Register for NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers.

• Register and create free online profiles on recruiting sites, such as Rich Kern, BeRecruited, NCSA Athletic Recruiting, University Athlete, and others. (Quote from a DI coach at a women’s volleyball college-recruiting seminar: “If you are not on University Athlete, coaches will be much less likely to come watch you play.”)

• Create your own website (via Google) to manage your volleyball profile like a resume, keeping it current with your tournament schedule, videos, academics, honors and awards, et cetera, so you can send e-mail updates to college coaches.

• Create a player profile, if creating your own website is not for you, to manage your volleyball profile.

• Discover insider scholarship tips: academic versus athletic, NCAA GPA minimums, NCAA quiet periods, plus what to say to a coach at a tournament versus on the phone.

• Invest in the right video camera and tripod equipment.

• Video the right aspects of the games, from the right angles, to capture what coaches are looking for.

• Edit film from a coach’s perspective, using commercially available software that the pros use.

• Upload film to YouTube (it’s not as easy as it appears).

• Learn what to ask and say on “official” and “unofficial” visits.

• Negotiate (hopefully multiple) offers without jeopardizing other offers.

• College-Research Tracking Template in Excel format to track all communications.

• Learn social media dos and don’ts—clean it up, and keep it clean from this point forward.

• Focus on academics—stay on top with the help of your school counselor!

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